Send. Quit. Include the miracle.

Send. Quit. Include the miracle.

2. Inform yourself. Listen to your intuition. Analyze all the options, but only use what feels right to you.

3. Approve support. Border on your own with caring close friends, healing songs, unique colors, prayer as well as affirmation. Create an event of healing/wholing and also invite your supporters.

4. Bless your bust( s) with recovery organic oils such as calendula, dandelion, or poke. Visualize recovery energies saturating your cells.

5. Take full advantage of the healthy and balanced qualities of your diet regimen:

    • Usage natural olive oil as well as butter to the exemption of other fats.
    • Raise your use beans, specifically lentils, as well as fermented foods such as yogurt, sauerkraut, miso, tamari, homemade glass of wines and beers.
    • Include immune structure and also anticancer herbs in your diet:

– Daily use of a beneficial mixture, specifically red clover flower or burdock origin or violet fallen leave mixtures.
– Daily use of fresh natural herb vinegars, especially yellow dock, burdock, as well as dandelion root vinegars.
– Frequent use of a long-cooked soup containing seaweed (such as kombu or wakame), astragalus root, as well as medical mushrooms (reishi, shiitake, puffballs, etc).

6. Raise you exercise level. Take a yoga exercise or tai chi class once a week. Stroll daily. Get a regular massage therapy. Spoil yourself with activity.

7. Usage medicines (radiation treatment, tamoxifen, anesthesia, pain reliever) as needed but:

  • think about a brief test of a powerful natural herb such as poke origin prior to turning to drugs; and also
  • constantly incorporate substance abuse with complementary natural herbs. As an example, secure the liver with milk thistle seed cast.

8. Use radiation and surgical procedure as needed however:

  • constantly integrate with complementary herbs; and
  • be willing to establish restrictions that you really feel comfy with – they can’t take your lymph glands if you claim “No.”

For more information, see Bust Cancer cells? Breast Wellness! The Wise Woman Method by Susun Weed.

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